Monday, 3 May 2010

a knight's tale

"perhaps angels have no names, only beautiful faces."

from "A knight's tale"
a movie by the late Heath Ledger.
the movie industry really suffered lost when he left. 
it's been so long... but still... R.I.P.

it's a story about a peasant who tries to become a knight.
he believes that he himself can change his future,
no matter where he came from,
or his family background.

even a peasant can become noble.

i like the movie a lot.

being a movie about knights,
it's quite a comical and romantic movie too.

the thing i like most about the movie are these catchy lines that juz make girls go awwww.....

like when he asked a girl for her name and she refuses to tell him,
he said:
"perhaps angels have no names, only beautiful faces."

of course the girl liked him in the first place.

imagine someone you hate saying that. i'd think it's sexual harassment. >____________<

another 1
"if i could ask God for one thing, i would ask Him to stop the moon.
stop the moon so that this night, and your beauty, would last forever"

if only someone said that to me. XD

and the line i loved most:

"love has gave me wings, i must fly"

phrase of the post:
l'amour m'a donné les ailes, je dois voler (pronounced la-moo-rh ma dawn-a[like how we pronounce the alpabet], je dwa vo-lay)= love has gave me wings, i must fly.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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