Tuesday, 25 May 2010

juz watch these.. XD

a collection of youtube clips.. 

how to paint a building in 3 seconds. XD
very good. ^____________^

drifting? XD cute.. ^____________^

saw this a few years ago...
there is more than meets the eye...

for reckless drivers... Mr D!!!

i love tetris, but.... i can never do this. XD

for football fans 

世界上最不可能的五个进球 (the most impossible goals of the world)

these guys are juz super!!! >_____________<

ooooooooo... so this is how they do it... XD

this takes a lot of time... 

and the grande finale~

ENJOY!!! woohoooooo!!! SEXY!!


that's what J_Fish has to share~ Au Revoir~


  1. wow...you really watch you tube alot...got a collection sumore..hehehe

  2. haha... i was bored last night.. watched a few vids on fb then juz connected to youtube... XD

  3. haha..im addcited to youtube too :-P

  4. I was gonna post one of the videos!!!
    Must change new post liao~

    The 1st video is damn cool.

  5. >.< I like the car crash adv. I always told my family must buckle up.

  6. i like the last one... >_____________<