Friday, 7 May 2010

how do i live without you?

went out with selina and shiah today.
it's the second day of jusco's members day(s).

look of the day. my curls are juz all over the place. >__________<

i went with only RM10 in my pocket. WTH right...
i'm broke.

if only i can sell my clothes.
i juz have sooooooooooooooooo many of them.
i can still survive without washing any piece of clothing for 3 weeks.
(except undergarments of course)

that's the price you have to pay for being a big spender and a no gainer.
i gain nothing,
not even weight. (not much at least)

it's so hard to go through all the clothes when they're screaming "BUY ME"
when i only have RM10... --____________--lll
i even found 2 cardigans and a blouse that i like alot. >__________<

make me wanna kill myself for spending too much.
i have no idea where my money went.

since i can't buy anything,
i took pictures while waiting for the babes to test their clothes.

suddenly love my legs A LOT.
it's like i never noticed them till juz now. XD
short skirt and high heels juz makes wonders. 

tadaa!!! they might look short, 
but i love them,
no matter what. XD

camwhore session
not good at posing. --_________--lll

from another fitting room mirror while shiah was trying on her clothes.
featuring selina's evil rabbit fingers. >___________<

then another of my feet fetish photos.
then we have selina and i trying to look stupid.
and selina trying to look taller than me. XD
that's the shirt that she decided to buy.

since shiah was in the fitting room most of the time,
didn't have time to cam whore with her.. >____________<

but after all that suffering i found out that i can get money from the ATM!!!
and my dad juz called and told me he transferred money to me. WTH!!!!

i guess it's a way for God to tell me

(words in bracket are self added. 
there's no way my God would call names. XD)

but i did bought a lot of food!!!
it's important to eat. 
it means people leave to eat. XD

bought sushi (RM0.99 each)
fried chicken (RM1 each)
yogurt drink
herbal egg 
and mango peach sundae from McD.

enjoyed dinner a lot!! XD

my conclusion for the day?

can't live without 2 things (there are more of course)
money, and food.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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