Monday, 31 May 2010

fortune and then fame and then fortune?

i noticed that most of the bloggers who have a lot of visitors have a few things in common

1. pretty faces or/and hot body- for the girls usually
    -- even their blog sucks or might not be as interesting as others,
       their photos are enough to grab attention.
       according to kennysia, bimbo blogs. 
       i'm not really sure about the term, but they do share this one thing.
       they're not necessarily stupid, but they don't need to show that side to be famous.
2. they're well off if not rich
    -- lets face it. 
       ppl like to visit blogs with interesting photos,
       unless you're good at photoshop-ing photos to make them hilarious like this blog
       (or good at finding funny photos like this blog,
       the next best thing is interesting photos, ex. vacation photos, clubbing photos... etc.
       and they can afford to buy/show expensive stuff 

3. they're famouse even before they started blogging.
    -- watch project alpha and you'll find a few.
       it's easy right? like a celebrity thing. 
       the person's famous--> ppl read the blog--> the person becomes a famous blogger. XD

so these are the few criteria to become a famous blogger.
but, there are still a lot of bloggers who don't really need a lot of money to make themselves famous bloggers. 
go to the innit page and you'll see a few. it's all about photoshop baby. XD

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. should visit the 2 blogs. i like their funny-ness. XD

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