Tuesday, 4 May 2010

flight of the phoenix

my blog's turning into an old movie review blog. --___________--lll

i have got to be (one of) the most lazy laid back chinese university student.
i dunno bout other races, but most chinese seems to be totally stressed out during exams.

i'm juz the odd one out.

since i studied tomorrow's subject already,
i have time to kill. 
(ya, sure. like i'm gonna study anyway.)

so, watched this movie while painting my nails.
it's been so long since i had colourful nails... lalalalala~~

anyway~ back to
flight of the phoenix(2004).

it's actually from a novel, 
before this, there was another movie with the same name.
genre: action, suspense(?) and quite a lot of talking
starring Dennis Quaid as the pilot.
and Tyrese Gibson and Hugh Laurie (better known as Doctor House. XD)

the whole story is all about hope. and team work.
to survive, we need to stick together.
never give up, no matter what.

so the story's about a group of ppl who got on a plane.
plane crashed in the middle of a desert in China.

so they try and find ways to survive,
with limited food,
and of course,

then one of them decided to build a smaller plane,
something like a glider out of the plane wreck.

and along the way they face problems upon problems here and there,
they loose their friends,
face desert pirates, sand storms and so on.

but they never lost hope,

in the end...
you'll see.
so, watch this if you have time to kill.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i loved the song Hey ya! somewhere in the middle of the film. ^_____________^...

and my result do not (really) suck. XD

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