Wednesday, 5 May 2010


to those who are or will be sitting for exams, dun read this post to avoid being jealous.

ok, you have been warned. XD

finally finished my finals.

i was the last one to finish the exam.
(there's only 4 of us)
didn't really know some the answer
but f*ck it. 
it's SO OVER.


i was flipping through the dictionary more than i was answering the questions.
there's only 3 questions by the way. 
an essay and 2 short questions.

now i have all the time to waste utilize.

today, we shall look into one of my favorite movie:

and of course, it's sequel,

i like the second one more.
even though i've watched it for hundreds of times.
(seriously. ask my friends. XD)
i think there's more story in the second one while the first one is action packed.

i finally got to rewatch the first one recently,
maybe it's coz of that i like the second one more.
i juz don't have much memory of the first one.


like the name says,
it's a movie about a boy(?) from hell.
well he's already a man in most of the show.
Anung Un Rama (son of the apocalypse) was his real name, 
but the man who found him gave him the name "hell boy" instead,
since he is from hell.

Hell Boy(first one)
is about how (and why) he was brought into this dimension.
juz that.
the rest is all about action and some (very little romance).
like i said, there's not much story.

trailer for the first:

trailer for Hell Boy II: The Golden Army 

The Golden Army is more about a story that was told by Prof red (because of his skin colour) a.k.a hellboy.

it is said that there long ago the earth used to be shared by all the folks,
magical and non-magical (humans)
because humans were too greedy,
they tried to take over the world
(wow, sooooooooo shocking... pfftttttt)
so there was war,
and many died.
then a golden army was built to stop the war.

when their work was done,
they were hidden, in case ppl use them to wage war again.

so the story is about an elven prince trying to wake the army,
coz he thought that humans are again,
trying to kill the planet (so true).
and hell boy comes and try and stop him.
the end. XD

you have to watch it to feel the action, the suspense.

i don't like hellboy's girl,
elizabeth sherman.
she's such a flower-pot character.

so, watch this if you have time.

phrase of the post:
j'ai fini mon examen!!! (jay fini mon ex-aa-mon)= i've finished my exam!!!! 


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i found this on tweeter. you can check how much coffee can kill you.
too bad it's only for UK, USA, Australia and NZ.

but no harm trying right?. XD

have fun~


  1. I like part 2 more.
    And congratz on finishing ur exams:)

  2. wow...nice u can have fun after ur exam....

  3. haha.. thx thx. am surely gonna enjoy my holidays to the fullest!!! >__________<

  4. lol hell boy again. i read ur post a few months back and u were already hellboy-ing. what is it that u like about it.