Saturday, 8 May 2010


woke up early today,
so gonna talk bout yesterday. XD

i woke up at 7 something yesterday,
packed some stuff
and groomed myself.
when to the TM tower near UM to get the form for streamyx uni pack.
since i'm second year going third year,
this is my last chance.

so borrowed selina's car,
and drove there.
i still still prefer manual cars...
auto cars make the engine sound like it's gonna die soon before the car automatically change the gear.

so, first time i went there,
all those office buildings.
the most ridiculous thing is that the prices for car park.

RM6 sekali masuk was the cheapes. (sekali masuk = per entry)
the most expensive was RM10 sekali masuk.

i went to get a form.
took me 5 mins to find the place and 5 mins to get the form.

and i have to pay RM10?!! 
that's juz insane!!

so i juz parked on the side of the road and hoped that the car clampers won't come at that time. XD

advice to anyone going there for matters that don't need much time,
DON'T DRIVE!! ask someone to drive you there.
after getting the form,
half ran back to the car.

still there, and the wheels are free. phew.... XD

drove back to UM which is juz across the fly-over. --___________--lll
but i was in a rush so had to drive. >_________<...

now, the hard part starts.
the failure of bureaucracy.

went to HEP to get the stamp that's required.
the lady told me i had to get a letter from my fac to say that i really am a student there 
but why? 
can't i juz show u my matrix card?

so i went to my fac and asked for the letter.
they said that i can only get it on MONDAY!!


i'm going back tmr and u ask me to get it on monday?!
can't they juz print it out and ask someone to sign it....

so i figured that i should ask someone to help me with that.
went back to the lady in HEP and try and ask her to sign it without the letter.
no luck.

why can't i juz show u my matrix card and u check if i AM a student here.
it's HEP. 
you should have a record of ALL YOUR STUDENTS!!!

in the end i wasted a lot of time and didn't get what i intended to.

after that had to rush back to college to help out with a camp by the old cc committee for the new batch.

it was a loooooooooooooooooong day.
the camp actually started at 1pm,
but had to go there earlier to prepare and stuff.

but i enjoyed it.
there were boring times,
but hey,
it's our fault right?
we are the organizers....

i did have fun.

some of the things they did juz make us crack!! XD

what i love most,

is the marilyn monroe act by soon loong. XD

too bad didn't get a video... >__________<
or i would post it here. XD

that's what J_Fish had to say~ Au Revoir~

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  1. The lady just dun wan to do extra work to check and get herself into trouble without the paper proof lol XD