Wednesday, 5 May 2010

all the time... to SS!! XD

since i've finished exam, 
i have no idea what to do.

am watching movies again and again.
sherlock holmes is sooooooooo nice.

not gonna talk about it though.
it's still considered new. XD

now i have time,
i decided to play around with my dear fake lashes!!
it's been so long since i last posted pictures of mine in my blog.
i am, somehow voted one of the SS-est (vainest) person in 4th college cc.


managed to make my eyes look sleepy. XD
with double eye lid stickers!!

i have double eye lids by the way,
juz not obvious. >_________<

still amateur when it comes to this.

then, the lashes sticking begins!! XD

first, the pair that really does something to my eyes. (obvious efects)

the thick dolly ones. my favorite pair!!

next pair
normal looking ones.
not obvious at all right? like real (long) lashes.

when i close my eyes they look kinda long, but when i open them, they're juz normal looking.

not really noticeable from afar.

next pair
ok this picture does not do it justice. can't be seen at all. XD

then we have
another one of my favorite too.. looks normal when eyes are closed
but when opened
has somewhat the eye shadow effect.

and to finish off,
two ss over edited pictures!! XD

take that!!
that's all folks. now my eye lids feel like they're gonna fall off. XD

that's what J_Fish has to ss about~ XD Au Revoir~

p.s. i'm an amateur bimbo so i have the right to post posts like this. XD. don't roll your eyes on me. >____________<

all photos have been edited. my face is (slightly) bigger, darker eye-circles (exam ma, have to atleast pretend that i did study) and with more war-with-the-zits-aftermath. c'est tout. merci. au revoir.


  1. Oh, my gosh. (=_=)

    Tell me quick, what is your real look! *sigh* I wish i can make my eyes as beautiful as that...

    **mutter mutter*

  2. Its amazing wat cosmetics can do~
    I dun mean u are ugly lah XD

  3. no, cosmetics only can bring us this far. the phrase should be "it's amazing what photoshop can do." XD