Sunday, 16 May 2010

15 of may

full of photos. XP

i always thought that darick's birthday was this date. XP

so i sent him a happy birthday message on friday night and he said it's only 16th tmr (meaning saturday)... (which was also wrong. XD)

well, anyway shall say it again tmr. XD

went for the shoe painting competition anyway.

it was part of a youth program by the start and Galaxie (the magazine)

went with my parents to times square penang, (for the second time since it's opening)
[still not much shops opened...]

got a pair of shoes for RM15. YAY!!! but mom says she wants them. T-------------T

nvm, i have another unpainted pair waitin for me in kl. XP

went to 

for lunch.

mom's clam showder

part of dad's set (soup of the day-mushroom)

dad's i have no idea what... 

and oooooooooh lala~~~

the durian delight~ ^____________^

sat there for 3 hours and finally came out with this.
wasn't my best design. 
didn't go with a design anyway. 
juz went with the flow. XD

can you spot mouse's name? XD

the other side.

saw mun there. 
her sister won third prize,
but for some reason i didn't take a photo of her shoes. XD

they were very nice i can tell you. 

the other shoes that won.
start from consolation prizes.

look closely and you'll see that the guy juz painted his name on the shoe.
but in a very nice way. XD
so what's his name?
the design kinda looks like Gotham from afar.
didn't really go close to see it.
Gotham? from Batman...

i have no idea what is painted here.
but it's nice. XD

this is cute. ^__________^
she even painted the shoe laces. XD

like the above one a lot. 
other than the pink laces.. XP
second prize

if you look closely you can see "1st prize" there
*all shoes came totally white*

cool huh. now that's what i call shoe painting.

these are some that didn't win but i like them.

look at marilyn monroe smiling at you...
and on the side that we can't see properly(the one below)
the person painted MJ. 
how cool is that?!

this is kinda my style-ish.
but obviously this is better. XD

love this pair the most.
though there's no way i'm gonna wear them out. XD

next are the shoes by the girls who sat next to me.

psst... i think her bf is a girl. XP..
none of mu business,
but the thing is...
i think her bf is prettier. XP x10

i dunno bout u,
but there's no way i'm gonna wear these kinda shoes out...

these neither....

these are the shoes that i think should be disqualified... 

it's called a shoe painting competition anyway...

sooooooooooooooo over...
and not painted. XP

also not painted...

painted a little
(only the top part... notice the yellowish)

sure the rules didn't say that you can't use decorations,

but hellooooooo

it wouldn't be called a shoe painting competition if your shoe is not painted...
the saddes thing is one of the shoes that won consolation is totally covered in sequins...


if the organizers wanna give prizes to shoes that are not painted they should name the competition shoe decorating competition instead of shoe painting right?

 while we were busy painting shoes 
people were busy watching the street dance competition
which was juz in front of us...

but there's so many ppl surrounding the stage we can only listen to the music.. T---------------T
i so want to watch it...

and on the same time,
there are people walking around looking like this.

take 2

somehow the girls juz like to cover the guy's face...
and the character with the blue hair is a girl.
the only malay cosplaying.

a very brave guy!!! XD

from naruto

there are a lot more.
i think there was a guy who was trying to look like cloud from final fantasy...
(is there another character with grey hair and a huge sword?)

i dun think he's gonna win. XD
how can you cosplay as cloud?!!!!
unless you're absolutely gorgeous too. XD

why don't we have more cosplayers here...
it's cool watching them. XD

while waiting for the results
we ate at a cafe named 
white house,
but the funny thing is,
the name in madarine is 小娘惹
which means little nyonya.
totally NO connection...

but what is important...

the food is nice. XD

chicken with black pepper sauce.
the best that i've tasted.

maybe doesn't look tasty but it is... XD
(was half way through when i took this pic)

there are other activities like 3 on 3 basketball 
(which i can't find)
3 on 3 footsal,
talent search,
battle of the bands 
paintball (practice)
and the list goes on...
not to mention free flow of FnN drinks
and maybe some free food.

we missed the eating competition.. >____________<

totally enjoyed my day.
and those of you who're penangnites,
why not drop by at Times Square Penang.
 the madness is still going on as i type.
that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. mommy dearest cooked these today. XD

and i got stuff for my cake.

if nothing goes wrong,
tomorrow shall be cake baking day!!! XD