Wednesday, 28 April 2010


this used to be (one of) my... identity(?) when i was in high school.
not coz i had a birth mark on my face,
nor because i looked ugly.

my best friend, Dawn was still with my bro Johnny then.
it was an inside joke anyway.
hard to explaine here.

today i stumbled upon this song.
钟无艳by 谢安琪 Kay. (zhongwuyan is a person, not a thing. she's a character in one of the chinese.... mythologies. XD)
love it a lot.
this is my first time listening to a song by Kay.
never was interested in cantonese songs.

the story is something like 大哥 by 卫兰. 
doesn't end like it though.
it's the sad version.
the song, not the mv.

there are 2 versions of the mv i think. i like the other 1 better, with the school.. erm... children?... teens? go and watch it in youtube. can't embed it. it's disabled. i enabled the "related videos".

a tribute to those who've fallen for their best friends. XD

are you one of them?

 another song i wanna share.
a song that i found in youtube too.
kinda old,
but oldies are better. >_____________<

it's called 我为什么那么爱你 by阿妹(why do I love you so much by amei)


phrase of the post:
mais pourquoi je t'aime? (may poo-rh qua je t-a[like air]-m)?= but why do i love you?
that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. thanks to my baby D for trying to understand. XD love ya!! >___________<

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