Friday, 30 April 2010

where to find food?

in the area near UM.

basically where i ate before.

if you're bored of your everyday 
house cooked food (or DS/DM),
where do you go for different types of food?

here are a few choices,
for UM students and those who live nearby
(thought those who live nearby should know better. XD)

the nearest place to get a variety of nice food,
is 11th college.
Personally have only tried the food from the western food stall.
and cheap(er) compared to those outside.
the serving's quite ok,
(meaning they're not stingy.)
so far,
all the comments that i got are good for the food from that place.

specially mention the lamb chop. 

my advice, 
walk there if you're staying in UM.
so that you can have a chance to do some exercise after all that food.

then let's get outta UM.
if u're looking for chinese hawker food,
you can go to the coffee shop near UT.
after u get outta pj gate, turn right, and then right at the UT junction.
go straight for about 5 mins and you'll see some shop lots on your left.
the one that we go to most,
is the last shop.

specially mention the char koey teow. ^_______________^
kinda like penang char koey teow.

then if you like fast food, the best place to find them,
section 14, near digital mall.
there are a lot, and i mean a lot of fast food restaurants there.
from McD to TGIF.
and they have a few cake shops there too.
if you feel like having some Subway sandwitches,
you can juz cross the road and eat at Jaya33.

or you can also try SS2 for fast food.
the shops are quite far apart though.

basically there are a lot of choices in SS2.
from fast food to japanese and korean cuisine, to tong sui.
juz walk around,
or drive around (like we always do. XD) a few rounds and you'll eventually find something to eat.
if not,
you can juz drop by the durian all you can eat stall. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say (for now)~ Au Revoir~

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