Friday, 16 April 2010

when in Rome

should've gone to italy instead of swiss when i went to france.

i ran away today.
juz for a few hours.
no1 even knew i ran away.

i was planing to visit the museum.
the website says it's walking distance from KLcentral.
so i got off at KLCentral,
but which direction?

so i ditched the idea,
and got on anoter train to goodness-knows-where.
got off at...
masjid jamek i think.
the malay petaling street?
then i was followed by this weird guy who was pretending he was talking on the phone.
i thought he was also walking pass the market,
but then when he stopped whenever i stop and took every turning that i took,
things got scary.
i tried to ditch him, but he kept following me.
until i went back to the LRT station.

then i went back to station Kerinchi,
figuring that since it's half way between Station U and Mid,
I could spare some cab money.
but then there weren't any cabs there.
then went back on the train and got to Station U, finally.
took the bus.

got there,
went to the cinema.
was deciding wat to watch while i was in the queue.
I wanted to watch "How to train your dragon",
but the next show will be at 10.45pm.
(it's only 10.06pm now.)

Bought ticket for "When in Rome".
got into the wrong cinema,
(clumsy as usual).
i bought the ticket 5mins before the show started.
it started juz after i sat down.

the show's quite nice.
it's about a girl who's always unlucky with love
(remind you of someone?)
but coz she's a workaholic.

when her sister get's married in Rome,
she flew there,
fell in love with the best man,
and then a little misunderstanding happened.

she took some coins from the love fountain
(wishing well for love)
and that's when things starts getting funny.

she picks up some coins that some ppl threw into the fountain,
and they fell in love with her.
without even seeing her,
or knowing her at all.
they went after her and the story goes on.

picking up ppl's wishing coins and they fall in love with you?
it's impossible. 
that's stupid.

(by the way,
ya'll know any love fountains in KL?)

then went shopping. 
bought some stuff.
loved them.

got back at 8 something,
and started trying my stuff.
till now.

then i finally found out that my phone's camera is functioning again!!!
I tried it this afternoon but didn't work.
it decided to take pictures?

my phone has PMS....

phrase of the post:
J'ai vu ma sourit aujourd'hui.(pronounced jay voo maa suu-rii au[like audition]-joo-d-wii)
= i saw my mouse today!!! ^___________________^

when i was coming back.
his hair seems longer.

how long has it been??!!!

p.s. can't believe I watched a chick flick in the cinema... >_____________<

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