Saturday, 24 April 2010

underground stuff

not me. 
kuo ning said that there are some problems with the underground cables for the internet system.

so if ur line is killing you,
you are not alone.

got stuck in college without internet connection after i posted the last post.
went out for dinner with selina, shiah, foong and soon loong.

when i got back 


internet IS my life.

susan and voon were trying to talk to me about my blog entry 
bout comparing them to selina and shiah
and bout next year's roommie thing i guess
when we were going out to eat.

so i asked them to read my blog.

when i came back voon was not in the room,
no internet connection.
talk about BTD..
bored to death..

so i tried to go to sleep.
put on some lip butter 
and it made me feel worse.
like i mentioned before,
my lip butter reminds me of France.

so it made me miss France a lot.

my plan to fall asleep didn't work.
either it's coz i was wondering what they thought after they read my blog
(voon disappearing)
or it was the lemon tea that i drank during dinner.

went to talk to Jason coz he's the only person who was not studying nor sleeping.
tried to talk to selina and shiah when we came back from dinner but they seemed very busy studying.

the talk with Jason helped a lot.
i guess he's the only one who understands how i feel coz he kinda got friend issues to before this.

he made me changed my mind bout leaving.
i've decided to stay.

this morning my sis called 
and she made me wanna move out again
coz i told her about how i felt and
it reminded me of the reason i wanna move out in the first place.

but then,
i guess i'm gonna stay. 

not with any of my babes.

i still need to learn to live without them.

i was thinking bout last year,
when i didn't stayed so close to them.
we were closer as a group.

maybe ya'll don't see it,
but i see it.
the 5 of us are 2 groups.
and i'm the odd one out who needs to choose.

if only you spend more time together.

i guess distance is a good thing for me.


  1. i'm glad that i did helped u...

  2. of course u did!! u helped me even juz by being there and listening. ^___________^...