Monday, 5 April 2010

to jwL


this girl has fallen stupid for you.

when i fist saw you,
i was attracted already.
you reminded me of my ex,
the na-yeng version.

yes, that's how i felt when i first met you.

that was until i saw you play.

we never talked till much later.
i guess your friends mentioned me in some way.
i don't remember our first conversation,
when and what it was about.
i didn't expect that i'd fall for you,

but then things are always unexpected to human beings.
heaven knows.

i just want to say
there was a time,
that a girl had u stuck in her mind.
nothing she did could shake you off,
and she did nothing to make that happen.

her friends doubted that this feeling was love,
since she didn't know you well,
but since it's been more than a year, 
there's no denial to that.

she knows she doesn't understand you,
what would you look for in a girl,
the way you think,
the colour you like,
the food you enjoy,
but she tries hard to learn about you through her conversation with your friends.

you have so much in common
sometimes she wonders if it's love or envy.
you are the person she would want to become.

it might be the mysterious air that surrounds you that attracts her so much.
it might be the talent,
it might be that smile.
she just doesn't know.

she doesn't want to dream about being yours,
for she know that she'll have to wake up and smell the cruelty of reality.

this girl just wants to share her feelings somewhere,
where you might stumble upon one fine day.

and if you do,
tell her that you finally know.

this girl might not know too much about you,
but yes,
she loves you.

this girl sincerely wishes that you are happy no matter what happens in your future.

her story will continue, no matter what,
but she would be glad if you're the paper she writes it on.

this girl is hoping 
that you'll never forget her.
this girl is hoping
that you'll know how she feels some day.

this girl is here,

 this girl is me.

 wish that you're happy,

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