Friday, 9 April 2010


the thing about watching greek mythology films,
is that you have to know some basic about it.

finally watched Clash of the Titans!!
so outdated....
it's a nice show by the way.
not great, but somehow, nice.

so, we were talking about greek mythology.

there was this scene where the guy covered a dead man's eyes with coins,
and said that it was a bribe for the ferry man,
a lot of ppl laughed.
i even heard ppl say bodoh.

no, bodoh, that's not bodoh at all.

that's a greek belief.

when people die, they go to Haedes,
their god of the underworld.
but to crossover, they have to take the ferry.
(as later seen in the film)
the money is really believed to be used to bribe the ferry man, Charon
so that they'll have a safe journey across the river Styx,
(the river that separates earth and the underworld.)
and reach the underworld.
those who cannot pay will not be able to cross the river.
[means they'll be stuck between hell and earth.

well, the coin should be in the mouth anyway.

Io, "the girl who was cursed for agelessness,"
was originally in Greek mythology Zeus's mistress,
instead of his son, Perseus's gf.

the greek gods really liked to marry their sisters or brothers.
Zeus is married to his sister, Hera.
(very jealous goddess)
[probably because Zeus fooled around alot.]
{or maybe that's the reason he fooled around alot.}

it'll take years and years to really know every detail of the greek mythology,
since Zeus alone, has had like 3million wives/lovers.
ok, exagerated.
but hey, seriously,
he caused alot of girls to become pregnant.

by the way, Zeus is the king of the greeks gods, and Hera, his wife,
of course is the queen of all gods.
they and their family live on top of Mt. Olympus,
the highest mountain in Greece.

Poseidon, Zeus's brother, is god of the seas,
and Hades, mentioned 500 times, is the god of the underworld.

he didn't marry his sister.
he married his niece, Persephone instead.
and by the way, he kidnapped her.
(Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter)
[Zeus was Demeter's brother]

Persephone should be very pretty,
coz it was said that Hermes, Ares, Apollo, and Hephaestus
who are her brothers or uncle,
wooed her. 

ok. i'm getting too far.
i should stop.
for more information, visit greek mythology.
you'll get other link from there. 
have fun reading!! XD

you'll need a lot of time by the way.

i enjoyed my day out anyway.
i haven't spent "me time" in quite awhile.
the only person who will never fail to cheer you up is yourself.
and the only thing that never fails to cheer me up,
is money, plenty of money.

let's face it. money might not be everything,
it's almost everything.

i spent RM60 to buy a new memoy card for my phone
coz i thought that was the reason i can't take photos,
but after i changed the card,
it still didn't work.

so now i'm RM60 shorter of cash,
and my phone's not better. 

phrase of the post:
j'aime voir les films dams le cinema(pronounced jam vu-ar lay film don le cinema)!! = i love watching films in the cinema

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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