Tuesday, 20 April 2010

through the rain

I have made it through the rain.
I have stood up once again.
on my own 
and I know 
I am strong enough to mend.

and everytime I'd feel afraid,
I'll hold tighter to my faith,
and I live one more day
coz I made it through the rain.

changed the lyrics of "Through the rain" by Mariah Carey.
Sang this yesterday. Love it lots.

Thx to my babes who are here even though i refuse to talk about it.

That's it.
Had a great nap,
fully revived!!!

had the strangest dream. 
I mean the feeling after I woke up. Don't remember anything bout the dream itself.


here I come,


phrase of the post:
j'était dans une tempête. (pronounced jay-tay[like stay] don-z-uu-n tom-pet)
i was in a storm.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. did you know that the song "Through the rain" is somehow about her parents? Their story is juz like the MV. She's white and he's black, but they made it through even there's like tons of obstacles like racial issues. They got divorced when she was three though. Got this from a comment of the MV in Youtube and wiki.

and can you believe that i was still trying my best to care for the environment when i was so sad, crying my eyes out? I was using hankies!!! 2 of them of course. and they were both soaked. Totally wet. >____________<

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