Thursday, 22 April 2010

the thing that everyone has to go through

other than the natural processes of life,
e.g. birth, sickness, growing up/old, all the feelings, happiness, sadness, anger(unless u're the princess from enchanted.. hahahaha... ok, lame), death and taxes.

ok, taxes is not natural.

these are the things that we can never run away from,
and of course,
our two feet.

we can't run away from our 2 feet. 


what is that other thing that unnatural thing that everyone has to face, other than taxes?



can't get it?

E  X  A  M  S !!!!!

yup. exams.

even if u stay in the jungle with ur tribe u'll somehow face test and exams.

how to find fruits, which of them are edible, how to hunt for animals, which of them won't eat u. etc.

now, exams is the most dreaded thing for all UM students.

except a certain group who've already finished their suffering. 

i did study by the way.

what i studied came out.
they always do.

the thing is,
did i answer them as what i've studied? or as what i've remembered?
memory can be a very bad friend at times.

luckily i have partial photographic memory.

my mind chooses to remember what the eyes see.

so, guess that's why my results still don't suck a lot even if i dun study 25 hours a day.

they suck, but not a lot. not to me anyway.
i'm proud of my results. 

so, today's finally...

my first paper. 

finished it ok.
found out that i didn't really answer all the questions at the last minute!!!

seriously last minute. it was 1.30pm when i found out.

but it was juz one small 2 marks part, so i juz wrote 3 sentences that sounds like this.
"myth is something that is usually known by verbal sources. it might or might not be true. example: tasik chini monster." 
wrote them while the examiner was telling us to stop writing with her mic. 
the first sentence did not came out right. i was in a rush duh.... 3 sentences in 15 secs... didn't have time to think la......

did u know that there's a myth about a monster in Tasik Chini, Pahang? it's said to be guarding a sunken city named Khmer City. The city's something like Atlantis. (i believe it exist) sunken coz the gods were envy of it's splendor and riches. (dun believe this part)

stumbled upon this blog when i googled the tasik chini monster.
talks about cryptozoology stuff if u're interested.

should be studying now, but it's french literature's exam tomorrow.

wtheck am i supposed to study?!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~ 

phrase of the post:
L'examen et l'enfer.. (lex-za-mong a[like the alphabet] long-fair) = exam and hell

p.s. if there are words that u dun understand, i've wiki-ed some of them. try clicking on them and u might understand better. see how much i care for ya'll. XD

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