Friday, 30 April 2010

something i forgot to do

i dunno if ya'll are gonna read this
since this whole thing involves my blog.

but still,
i wanna say sorry to my babes.

i got ya'll into a war because of my own problems.

i guess i have a way in misunderstanding people and feeling jealous easily.
it juz happens. 
it's always too late when i actually find out what's wrong.

i dunno if we're still considered friends.
at least friends talk to each other.
even strangers talk once in a while.
now, i really feel the wall.

what i know is we're not gonna see each other often next year.
i guess when ya'll decided to stay so far up 
is coz ya'll wanna exercise your rights as a third year senior.

so unless we eat together,
there's no way we're gonna meet.

this might juz be goodbye.
for now.

maybe we'll feel better after the break.


second thing i wanna do,
is say happy [belated] birthday.

to mouse and wei ming.

Happy being 22 years young!!!

enjoy it fully before you get less young.

and stay happy,

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

ooo... so short a post!!!XD

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