Friday, 23 April 2010

so many problems so little time

stupid problems surface during exam time.....

there's this stupid guy who can never get the meaning
until i finally can't stand it anymore,
i have to make him understand using BLOCK LETTERS.

why is it so hard to understand that when a person blocks you from something,
it simply means 

i don't care what you think about me and my problems.
you're not suppose to read about them anyway.

why the heck did you decide to read my blog in the first place?

get the fuck away from me.

i seriously feel threatened and stalked even though you don't mean to do so.

so stop whatever kindness that you're showing and go away.


self-defense is NOT being stubborn.
i have my right to protect myself when i feel insecure.

i didn't want to blog about this
but i really can't stand it anymore.
even after the messages.

i'm sorry if i hurt you but that's what happens when you refuse to understand what is clearly told to you.


then there's this stupid looking for house/roommies problem.

the main reason i want to move out is that i'm sick with hanging on to my friends.
ppl disappoint us once in awhile and we can't blame them.
since i can do nothing about it,
i choose to run away.

and i have to learn to be independent anyway.
i'll have to move out after i graduate like it or not.
so what's the big deal of doing it earlier?

i have to learn how to survive without clinging on to my friends.
obviously they can live without me,
but i can't.

friends can simply affect my emotions when nothing else can.
(other than family who's so far away right now.)

i have to learn to live without them killing me first,
and the only way is to be away from them.
i can't let my friends control my emotions anymore.

like Steve Job (Chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios) said, "life is short, don't live the life of others." 
in other words, don't let others control your life.
i'm trying really hard to not let others affect me,
but it's gonna take more than a few days.

i need time and space.

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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  1. "Tomboy",why you always scold me!!! and i will not get hurt no matter how. I still can understand it even it is not in CAPITAL LETTER.i think is better i become a DEVIL. At least, you will not be stalked like what you always say. before that, i was just worried you got any problem, seems now you are already fine, then that is. i will not bother you if you're really in big trouble.Don say thanks to me. Because becoming a devil is my nature.