Wednesday, 14 April 2010

the show

ok, i thought the date night prize from Nuffnang was tomorrow.
remember i wrote an entry about going out on a date with mouse?
rewind.... date night.

so, i won 2 tickets.
i thought it's tomorrow till Wenji suddenly mentioned the date.
luckily it was only 4 something. 
the movie starts at 9.
since voon wasn't really prepared to go,
i asked chi yee instead.

we go there at about 8.40. 
then got the tickets.
yay!!! gonna watch a movie for free!!

then walked around aimlessly for like 15 mins.

walked into the cinema.
we got C12 n C13. should be ok right?
the thing is, TGV's rows start with the last alphabet first.
it means we're on the third row from the front.

yay!!! gonna watch a free movie!!
 when the show started,
it wasn't Date Night at all.
it was the clash of the titans. 

we thought we were in the wrong cinema.

so we went out. 
luckily we saw the staff and he told us it was the right cinema.
wrong show.
after stopping the film,
it took about 20mins to get the film right.

that's when i had time to realise that the back of TGV seats are super low and the seats are quite narrow. to the front and the side.

the show was worth the wait.
it was really funny throughout the film.
non-stop laughing.
which is kinda annoying coz the guy next to me keep laughing the spit laugh.
u know when ppl go "ppztHAHAHAHAHA"...
and he keeps rocking the chair when he laughs....

chi yee fell asleep from the start till near the end.
he was sick.
shouldn't asked him. >__________<

it's about these married couple trying to enjoy a date but get themselves into trouble.
on the way out of trouble,
they talked and somehow reignited the fire.


talking about married couples,
i don't think i'll ever find someone who would be good enough for me.

no1 would be laugh at all my super lame jokes,
no1 would be ok to go on walks with me during study week,
no1 would read my blog everyday and click the "like" even though it's pure lameness
(like this entry)
no1 would drive less coz i say it's killing the environment.
no1 would get to know my friends before coming near me,
no1 would even get to know me better.
no1 would say you're make-up is fine,
no1 would play basketball, be tall, be cute, be artistic, be sweet, be charming, be a-know-it-all.... and love me at the same time. 
no1 would even be crazy enough to tell me that he loves me straight in the face.
no1 would send me flowers once in awhile (even after we've been together for more than 3 months)
no1 would come all the way from his place juz coz i needed a hug.
no1 would say i'm angry with you, instead of i'm fine. we always know you're lying..
no1 would say "i love you juz the way you are"
no1 would eat sushi with me whenever i wanted,
no1 would go watch a movie with me without planning bout it first.
no1 would sing with me out loud when we're driving somewhere far,
no1 would drive with me on road trips to nowhere.
no1 would look me straight in the eyes, say you're beautiful and wasn't trying to get lucky.
no1 would enjoy lamb or beef steak with me all the time.
no1 would go to sleep early juz coz i say it's bad for your health.
no1 would walk to KFC with me every fortnight, 
or even eat KFC every fortnight.
no1 would like western food like i do.
no1 would listen to my never ending whining and still love me. 
no1 would give me the freedom that i need.
and even if such a man existed,
he would be taken,

or GAY.

that's not fair.
why are so many cute men gay??
can't they leave some for the women?

phrase of the post:
je ne suis pas content (pronounced je ne s-wii pa kon-ton)= i'm not happy

that's what J_Fish the emo queen has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i shouldn't use would. most of them could be done, juz that no1 has ever done them before. not even 1.


  1. It is extremely hard to fulfill all your criteria, but, at least, he will try.

  2. A guy who is not talk enough and has promised you not to bug you just in an hour ago.Haha, don worry, this guy also understood that he has done many many bad things before. So, he will not say anything. Except, if you have any problem in future, his ears are ready to open for you, if really, there is no people is sitting beside you and listen to your bugging. As usual, good luck in your future dream.