Tuesday, 20 April 2010

rommie up for grabs..

yay, another post for today.

this problem that i overlooked suddenly came and hit me in the head.

it's saying
start thinking about me you ugly bimbo.
i know, it doesn't make sense if u know what bimbo means.

it's the end of the session.
time to find roommies for next year.

i'm still thinking if i should move out of college.
indecisive? maybe.

and the reason to stay would be coz it's near to FBL.
i can come back and roll on my bed every time i have a break.
but if i move out i can finally cook my own food,
wear shorts when i eat,
or at least eat salty eggs, hard boiled. 

would it be worth the walk?

another reason i'm still thinking
is i dunno if i can find new roommies.

i guess voon and susan would probably plan to stay together since they're inseperable now, 
i wouldn't want to stay with them if that's the case.
it'll be the same thing as staying with selina and shiah.
the third person would probably be neglected.

i'd always be the third person.
even if they say it won't happen
it juz will.
we're a group but in groups there are always smaller groups. 

voon's mom would die if her daughter lived with both susan and me.
she'd get a heart attack ever time she opens the door.

me against the world.

anyone planning to stay in 4th next year that needs an extra roommie?

phrase of the post:
je cherche mais je n'ai pas encore trouver. (je sh-air-sh may je nay pa-zong-core trh-oo-vay)=
i search but i haven't found.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i have a major crush on Justin Bartha!!! >____________<..

watch The Rebound.
don't we juz love happy endings?

can't belive i'm falling for chick flicks...
why are so many things changing at the same time?!!!!

i hate being left out all the time.


  1. I dont want to decide for you.But, if you stay with juniors. you probably cant mix with their life(young and fresh life).
    this is your final year, and i think you can enjoy your cooking life at anytime once you finish your final year and i believe you will miss this college so much after that.Really, i think you should mix with them.(your gang)

  2. don't comment so fast la. u're starting to annoy me again. i always change my post. i mean juniors as in this year's juniors, not next year's juniors. they'd be the same as us next year won't they. all u said is not convincing since u're moving out. --___________--lll

  3. i am so free ma.You dont block me again. if no, i think i am gonna to find other new ways. Do you have any suggestion. Ai, i have to move out, because i have created so many enemies in this college :P.Js kidding. I already waste a year.i got many programme cant run by using our college line. If you ask me to get a broadband, i do prefer use line.:P

  4. i am not a chick~~~