Tuesday, 13 April 2010

one of those dreams

juz woke up from my nap.
had one of those dreams where you felt like it's been a long long time,
but then when you woke up and checked the clock,
it's only been 5 mins.

that happened the first time i woke up.

after i went back to sleep,
had one of those dreams when you don't wanna wake up.
you're juz so happy in the dream that when you wake up,
you know all the peaceful feeling happiness will be gone.
you can't remember what happened during the dream,
but it was peaceful and happy.

that happened when my alarm went off for the first time.

as, usual, Snoozed. 

i always think that the snooze word in my phone is spelled differently every time.

i guess it's cause every time i hit the button i'm drowsy.. 

then the time when i officially woke up,
i had one of those dreams when you don't wanna wake up,
not coz the dream is good or happy,
it's simply because you know when you wake up,
you face reality again.

well, anyway, i woke up, eventually,
so reality,

i wanna talk about a very diff topic.


not the phone type of PDA.
P-ublic D-isplay of A-ffection.

it's short for kissing and those stuff in public.
and if you don't do it in public but u post the pictures around where everyone can see even if they don't want to, that's PDA.

hate people who do that.

guess i'm juz jealous.
but heck.


holding hands is ok. 

hugging.... hmmm....


nope, no thanks. 
appreciate the kindness of sharing but i won't wanna see it even if you give me free tickets.

sharing these stuff is NOT caring.
saw some photos on facebook today.

i dunno if they wanted to post them purposely 
or they forgot that when you click "share" it means the whole world will see them.
at least the people reading facebook at that particular time being.

i know, you'll say 
"hey, it's our right to be showing our love.
our love is too much to surpress till we get a room.
we have the right to eat our partner's face wherever and whenever we feel like it.
and we don't give a fuck what you old fashioned-losers think.
well to those couples out there who does PDA,
keep it to yourselves will ya?
you might think it's ok,
but to some people it's not.

you might hurt some poor souls,
like me. XD

wat if one of us tried to hang ourselves in the toilet (and died of loss of blood coz the toilet seat broke and cut us instead) coz we're too sad coz we couldn't get over the sadness of a break-up or are juz sad coz we're S.A.D?
(single and desperate. XD)

wouldn't you feel bad if you know you caused it?

nah, you'd probably laugh at us.

phrase of the pose post:
un beau rêve (pronounced aa-ng bo rh-a[like in air]-v
(i always thought that dreams are feminine, not in french i guess)
a beautiful dream

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Thanks for your new word.....PDA

  2. it's not a new word. i saw it somewhere before. forgot where.

  3. But, it is new for me right.:D

  4. This is another point of view. Btw, I love reading it. LoL :D