Thursday, 22 April 2010

new found hobb...ies

*a lot of videos to share. read when line is good* XD

can't believe this.
so many things are changing in such a short time.
i dun even know who i am anymore.. --_________--lll

i realized that i have a new found hobby.

surfing wiki. wtf right...

i actually can't stop browsing through the pages.
there are so many things in there. from people, to places, to things.

almost everything (popular) under the sun is there.
dun believe me?
try it. 

another new found hobby?

going through youtube. 

i should be studying!!! yet... XD

decided to take the song away from my blog
coz i wanna share songs... 
and i can't figure out how to turn off the song.
so might as well take it away.

it was "if i ain't got u" by Alicia Keys by the way.
love this song a lot. >___________<
love her too.

found this MV. so sad.
i didn't understand it at first.
but then i saw the comments and then...

owwwhh...... so so sad. >_________<...


 dun understand?

say yes. (from cirque du freak).. XD... go watch it.

it's about a girl who's man left her. She was very sad about it. (Apparently). One day some cops showed up at her door and told her that the guy's bye-bye-history. Turns out that the guy was an undercover for the cops to get info from some mafia. The guy was killed by the mafias. He couldn't tell her that he's an undercover, therefor had to leave her without a good reason. He actually was still loving her. (coz he still kept their photo in his wallet)... the end. 

oo... and i juz realized how much丁噹looked like 蔡依琳too.

say yes. XD

and i found this which is very funny. 

first, watch this

then watch this. 

and last but not least, my dear Jolin.

and my dear Jay!! 

that's wat J_Fish has to share~ Au Revoir

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