Tuesday, 20 April 2010

mornin rain

love it when it rains in the morning.

clears the air and the sky.
cried my heart out yesternight.
didn't know how long,
but it seemed like a very long night.

juz can't stop my tears.

i needed to talk to someone who i don't see everyday.
and the first person i reached out to ignored me.

i'm juz sick of doing everything by myself.
sick of being so alone.
can't find people who love what i love.
always me against the world.

but i wanna thank Chi Yee and Dawn.
especially Dawn.
she really helped me alot.
after talking to her,
i finally get to stop my tears.

i finally know what i'm gonna do after i get outta this hell.

i'm gonna work in europe as a nanny.
might sound funny,
but i get paid and travel and learn at the same time.
languages, culture.

and i get to get out of this country.

come back once in awhile and see if there's any changes.
there is certainly nothing to hold me back,
except my parents.

i'm gonna leave this sad place coz i can't find a reason to stay.

my parents will understand.

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Do you think you are the only to fight against the world.Me too.
    Don be too rigid in your life may bring sense of flexible in your feeling and thinkng.
    I used to quarrel with my sisters and i hate them just like what i hate my enemy.But after long times of separation,now, i also call them for chatting which i will never do so in the past.^^

  2. thx vince.. but u should change urself somehow. juz a little here and there. dun b so stubborn and stop thinking bout revenge all the time.

  3. ^^ how you know it is me.

  4. i'm not an idiot. u juz like to comment on everything that i write. --__________--lll how did u find my blog anyway?

  5. Why must me, why cant others.
    If i tell you that i found it through google accidentally.Would you believe me.
    So,do you still want me to use idiot as my identification. ^^

  6. Ok, i think for this time, is my turn to be the role of your advisor. You are too stubborn. and also dont care too much on something that you cannot control. if not, you will get hurt.

  7. You are too stubborn. (Comma)So,you should not pay all your effort on something that you cannot control. Clear...Miss Sher Lynn

  8. haha.. u can use watever name u want. it's possible that u found it through google anyway. i tried it before. XD... but only u know if that's the truth.

  9. i think i'm still prefer idiot.Then, better let me keep the truth.:P