Monday, 26 April 2010

loving you ~ loving me

yesterday my sister was talking about how similar i am with her boyfriend.

we both have the middle child syndrom 
(i guess she came up with that by herself)
USUALLY middle child are more rebellious than the other children.

coz if you're the first child,
you're like the new thing in the family.
first born.
get to take more pictures,
new stuff...

then if u're the middle child,
u usually get hand-me-downs.
u're sibling's stuff.
and u're parents are probably tired of being so loving and caring to the first child,
u'd get less attention.

yeah, people say it's bullshit,
that parents always love their children equally as much,
or they try to.
but that's what i think,
from a middle child's point of view.
especially when all your siblings are of the same gender.

i guess there always are exceptions,
like if ur last sibling is less lovable than you.
if you're as lovable,
u'd probably get loved less.

then if you're the last child,
you usually get more pampering.
coz usually there's this gap in the ages between u an dur older siblings.
you are more vulnerable coz u're juz sooo young and small and vulnerable to your parents.
and they'd probably have more time for you.

so, if you're the first child,
you're probably independent and more mature in ur thinking.
you'd think that people are childish not because u're rude,
but juz coz u're born into the situation that you have to be matured.
so you can't see why people would think like they do.
you'd have to be the guinea pig of your siblings,
venture into unknown waters,
not because you want to,
but you have to.
parents' opinions are not always helpful coz they simply live in a different era.

if you're the middle child,
you'd be more dependent.
less matured in thinking coz you'll always have the older sibling to ask for opinions.
(unless your older sibling is not matured at all)
even if you don't ask,
if they know where you're headed,
they'd juz give them to you.

if you're the last child,
people would think that you're the most childish,
as in less matured in thinking,
but no. especially if you're siblings are more than 5 years older than you.
you have to go through life in a diff way than your siblings.
it's like the parents opinion thing.
5 years is a lot of change.
so last childs usually are independent and matured too.
unless the parents' really don't wanna let you go and learn.

i guess if i get to choose who to fall in love with,
i wouldn't choose a middle child.

it would be like 爱你就等于爱自己。

phrase of the post
est-ce que je t'aime? (pronounced ass-ke je t-a[like ass]m)?
do i love you?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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