Monday, 12 April 2010

let's go for a walk

i have no study mood at all. 
been watching movies since yesterday.

feel like going for a walk.
to the pasar malam maybe,
but with who?

i guess that's the downside of having all friends from KL.

since i can't take new photos,
i decided to edit old photos instead. 

the nerd
the wild girl. XD
took the second photo quite some time ago.
i was bored in the room. 
love my double eye lids...
don't see them like that often. XD

the glasses in the first photo is fake. 
added with the editing software.

but i think i do look like that with my glasses. 

i wanna go for a walk!!!!
miss the days when voon, jason and i went for walks.
hadn't done that since...
the end of last sem i guess.

post of the phrase:
je veux me promemade (pronounced je v-er m-er prom-a[like a boy, a dog]n-aaaaa-d)=
i want to go for a walk.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. sherrrr~~~u r so talented,i lik ur pics~~^^
    especially the wild 1,hehe =b
    jia you there yo!!
    i'm having hard time here n nid 2 try my best 2 cope wit it,wish me luck..i'm scare i noe,i cant remain my own me,nid move on..yosh!!!

  2. gambateh kudasai!!! XD.. can always talk to us la. dun only call my name in msn la... how's class? very hard? what are u trying to cope with the most? weather?