Wednesday, 21 April 2010

if u wanna be my lover

i guess these are guidelines to become my bf? XD
juz woke up this morning and decided to do this.
spent 2 hours writing this, so PAY ATTENTION IF U THINK U HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.
and is brave enough to venture into this bottomless pit. MUAHAHAHAHA...

been reading a lot of these "rules" in FB.
how to treat ur gf and stuff.
i think some of them are juz bullshit.
not all girls want to be treated like that ok.

i've decided to come up with a set of rules*ahem*...guidelines that's just for me. i mean u. 

so, here goes. enjoy LOL-ing.. XD

U have to
1. be in love with me. (obviously... i dun think anyone's gonna fall for my body. XD)
2. love to sing k, or at least don't hate it. don't hate my singing(?)
2. read my blog everyday. it won't take long. 
2. find time to be with me. as independent as i look, we need to spend time together once in a while. or we won't be called a couple would we? unless u're from/in a far away country.
3. know how to play basketball, and love to watch the games of course. at least know the rules or at least play one sport. chess is NOT a sport in my wiki.
3. love sushi, KFC, pizza, wine, steak (beef and lamb, coz if i cook it, u eat it), alcoholic drinks, junk food and so on..... u'll know when u get me. XD u have to eat beef. if your religion forbids you from eating beef, your religion forbids this relationship. XD
4. love to watch CSI and love to watch the movies in the cinema. yup, that's how much i love CSI. if u dun even know what CSI is, u should turn around and leave. NOW.
4. love kids. even if u're not planning on marrying me, i'm gonna play with kids when i get the chance. 
5. love animals.
5. be at least 175cm. XD..  i dun wan short kids. height won't become distance right?
5. love lame jokes.
6. love going out.
6. love the environment. stop using plastic bags. at least keep up with me. have to be a non-smoker if not hate them.
7. come to me every time i need u. if it's not important, i won't call. likewise, if u need me by ur side, juz tell.
7. not ignore me when i'm talking to you. don't pretend u're listening. i'll know.
7. not hate Jay Chow and Jolin Tsai. simple. clear cut.
8. not sleep late. (2 in the morning is very late.) u have to know how to take care of urself.
8. be able to clean up ur own mess. i have a mess of my own, so i'm not gonna clean up for the both of us. you don't have to clean up mind either.
8. be open with me. tell me everything u think (that concerns me) and NOT LIE TO ME. NEVER. i won't be pissed unless it's VERY inappropriate.
9. do what u promise. don't avoid making promises. I AM NOT A PILOT. so don't give me airplanes.
9. befriend my friends. i'll get to know urs to if u introduce them.
9. never be ashamed to introduce me to ANYONE. if you're ashamed of me in anyway, bye bye. 
10. be able to cook. i can cook, so i'm not going to ask u to cook everyday, but i need to know that i can take a rest once in a while and dun have to eat out.
10. want to go to europe. coz i'm going when i get the chance. unless u want someone else to go with me.

U don't have to
1. be rich. but at least have to be able to go out with me from time to time. we can work towards that together.
2. pay for everything. i can do that by myself thank you. i mean my dad can. u juz have to pay ur share.
3. call me everyday. i know everyone has their own busy time. i dun like to talk on the phone anyway. the phone always gets hot and make my ears sweat. XD
4. ask what i'm doing every 2 hours. i'll tell you. if i don't, u shouldn't know bout it.
5. tell me what u're doing every 2 hours. unless u're going out with another girl.i'm fine with it unless u're screwing her. juz dun hide it. it'll only get worse when i find out.
5. hold my waist when u introduce me to ur friends (like the rule in FB).. no thx. if u have to hold me to show ur friends that u love me, it means u've done this a lot of times, and only those u hold are important. No?
6. kiss me in public. NO THANK YOU. call me old fashioned. lalala....
7. hold my hand all the time. i want my freedom thank you.
8. laugh at everything i say. only those that are funny.
9. love everything i love, but at least respect it and don't hate it.
10. love me no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. XD or you can juz choose to leave.
11. reply my messages the instant u get it if you're busy. but don't drag till after a day. if it's sent during the night, it's important. i don't send msgs saying i miss u unless i really need you.
12. be my superman. everyone has flaws. juz be urself.
13. be handsome. juz dun be dirty and disgusting. if someone thinks you're disgusting, chances are, i do too.
14. be good at anything. juz be good at loving me.
15. be a know-it-all. but at least know what u're suppose to. like changing the light bulb. don't hire people to do that. very sia sui.

see, only 10 have-tos and 15 don't-have-tos. how nice is that? *EVIL LAUGHTER*

phrase of the post:
c'est tous. (pronounced say to)= that's all.

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

this is serious stuff


  1. lol...i can do tat all yet i m not qualified...coz i m not 175cm...><

  2. i am just 165cm *_*!!!

  3. haha... is that too high a standard? XD

  4. To be short also got their advantages.:P

  5. why i cant delete whatever i have written.

  6. Everyone have their 100% lover before fall in love. :) How tall are you?