Thursday, 15 April 2010

i dun like when

people say i'm wrong when i know i'm definitely right.

that day i was reading a blog 

the girl used "mua" to mean "my".
ok, that's what i did when i didn't know how to spell "moi".
but i put an apostrophe after the word mua so it's mua's 
like oliver's, john's....
it juz sounds more correct than mua something.....

well, moi actually means me, not my or mine.

so if you say mua blog or mua laptop,
it juz sounds like a pirate.
like me blog and me laptop.
u know like in the movies how they talk...

i told the girl in her chatbox that mua is spelled "moi" and it means me,
and said if she used it like that it's wrong.
with good intentions mind you.
i know i know, shouldn't put my nose in other ppl's business.. but heck,
i juz didn't want her to look stupid.

and to show off that i know the word moi.....?

then this person nicknamed "guest".. WTH...
comes around and says this

i dunno if it's a slang or not, but wat effect can it create?

even if it's a slang that's supposed to mean moi, a.k.a me,
saying mua eyes and mua ears are wrong, grammatically.

i'm not even talking to that person.
it's either a super fan of the girl,
or the blogger herself,
disguised as guest to call me dumbass 
so she can still keep her readers even after calling them dumbass.

or the person actually meant that the effect that's supposed to be created is the dumbass effect?

well ppl, i might not be an expert in French,
but i know that "moi" means only one thing, "me".

it depends on what the item you're gonna say after the word my.
words of the post:
moi, mon, ma, mes. (pronounced mua, mong, maaa, may)

mon (masculine), ma (feminine), mes(plural) all means "my"

it depends on what gender is the noun that comes after it.

for example,
petit ami = boyfriend.
it's obviously masculine, 
so it's mon petit ami.
if it's petite amie = girl friend.
(-e usually makes nouns feminine. usually.)
so it's ma petite amie

if you're a playboy,
you'll have petites amies. plural. (-es means feminine, plural. usually)
so you can say mes petites amies. 

sadly, mouse if always feminine,
so i can only say ma souris,
though in reality, mr jwL is a guy.

but i can always call him,
mon cher... 
nope, no thx.
sounds kinda gross...... XD

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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