Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hottest story ever!!!

if you clicked because of the

fooled you. XD

ok, it's a play i juz came back from.
very cool and funny play
by my church members.

it talks about why Jesus died and how the demons planned for it to happen.
unknown to them,
God was behind all their plans.

it was very funny but i don't think the message was really strong.
but still, i enjoyed it.

wanted to take photos but until i get a new phone,
no pictures for you.

i'm camera-less. 

it makes me feel handicapped.

how can the third price winner of ss-ness doesn't have a camera!!
that's mad!!

Vincent sent a message, again.
he said he didn't want to ask if i forgave him,
but if i still treated him as a friend like during orientation week.

to be honest,
i don't remember wht the heck happened during that week.
i don't remember who i talked to and what about.
i juz remembered mouse and poh ling.
she was my group 10 member. we hung out during that week.
and some time after that.
but then we grew apart.
can't really handle her loudness.

he said i changed.
that i am stronger than when he first talked to me.
he remembered the first conversation.
i surely don't.

i had cintan chicken flavored noodles and salty egg for lunch.
twiggies and soya milk for dinner.
what weird combinations right? XD

weekend food always suck in college.
i went for the hotdog breakfast though.
tomorrow is bread!!! 
should i bring my own butter?

i'm well equipped for study week that started...
it started today. or tomorrow since it's the first day of the week.

2 cans of Pringles that i got from carrefour midvalley for Rm3.49 each.
how cheap is that?! XD
forgot the last time i ate them,
but i remembered that i got really itchy, kinda swollen and reddish rashes when i ate too much of it.
i also got 4 salty eggs, which i already ate 1,
soya milk,
cintan chicken flavour,
and of course my favorite fried seaweed!!

ok, study week starts now!!!

doesn't mean i'm gonna start studying.

phrase of the post:
je ne veux pas travailler (pronounced je n-er[without pronouncing the "r"] v-er[same with ne] pa tra-va-i-yay) = i don't want to work, or i don't want to do anything. it's also the name of a song.

that's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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