Saturday, 17 April 2010

hiatus, telur dadar and Emma Watson

hiatus is a new word i learned from Voon today.
it means no activities happening.
or a lot of free time i guess.

telur dadar is what i juz realized i'm in love with.
i order it almost every time i go to the mamak stall.
to all who dunno what is a telur dadar,
it's fried egg, beaten before fried.
do they have a name for it in english??
not scrambled eggs if that's what you're thinking.
it's in one piece.

love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.  .w.

i have a crush on Emma Watson. XD

she's so pretty, and smart,
since she's in Brown,
i guess smart can be used to describe her.
and talented.
not to mention successful....
with all the Burberry ads and campaign,
dramas under her belt,
and of course, Hermione...

did i mention pretty?

i love her look.
cute and matured. sexy too. 
pick one.

i wanna be like her when i grow up.

i'm older than her....


  1. Omettle in indonesian style.

  2. y indonesian style? never been to indonesia... so dunno how the omelette looks like there. XD

  3. i think it(telur dadar) is origine from indonesian..........

  4. ok. thx. nvr knew that. XD...