Friday, 30 April 2010

Good Morning!!!

Finished another paper!! yay!!!
*throws confetti*

i'm happy with it.
finished all my notes eventually,
went over it a few times.

wrote everything that i know.
if it's not enough then.....

too bad lo.
what to do?

i'm always optimistic when it comes to results.
no matter what i get. XD
i juz dun see why it would affect me.
the only diff is if i get first class honours or not.
if i get it,
then bye bye PTPTN.
you'll have to pay urself.

if i don't get it,
well, do what i should do in the first place.

i'd rather have ok-results and a life thank you.
some ppl juz study too hard and dun really have a life.
especially those who study professional courses.
like my sis for example.
but she's a diff case.
at least she studied hard 
and played hard.
but now she's working very hard.

i guess if you study those courses you're prepared to work on unexpected hours.

you think you're gonna have a life when you start working?

of course,

it's called

9 to 5 life.

unless you become a free-lancer. or a teacher.
then you'll have half day life.

yesternight was get-to-know-where-you're-gonna-stay-next-sem-night.
a.k.a room "voting" night.
(i dun get why they call it that since we dun get to vote where we stay. we juz draw lots)
went down to give moral support to my future roommate a.k.a Joo San a.k.a my cc daughter.

the main and actual motif was to go and bat gua.
coz it's juz like lucky draw,  you don't really need moral support.

we juz have to see how lucky you are in getting the new room.
if you're lucky,
you'll juz get B300!! YAY!!!

but unlucky us,
we got A100. 
i'm gonna miss my big cupboard A LOT!!!!

chui hong got my current room,
they initially wanted to change,
but the changing thing came too late and they've decided to stay here.
it would be nice to stay back in this room,
since selina and shiah would be on the same floor. 
there's always a first in everything i guess.
first time staying in A block, 
first time staying in other than B block,
first time having to climb so high to get to my room,
first time having the room number that's less than 10,
first time living with juniors,
first time having a small cupboard.
it's like half the size of my current cupboard. 
*looks at my cupboard sadly*
no, wait, 
make it 1/3.

atleast i'll have roommates that would eat in DS.
i asked. XD

a new life is commencing!!! 

in 2 months time.

so, found this in FB.
watch it.
it gives ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww a new meaning. 



phrase of the post:
ce n'est pas mal(pronounced se nay pa maa-ll)= this is not bad./ this is good. [when the french say this is not bad, it means it's very good, not like our "*shrug*, not bad".]

have i taught this before?
that's what J_Fish has to stay say~ Au Revoir~


  1. how do u come across this kinda things!!!! lol

  2. haha... i saw this on facebook. my friend shared it. the others i juz got from randomly surfing youtube. XD my new found hobby.