Monday, 19 April 2010

girl's day out

yes, the girl's day out.

went to red box.

sang my heart out.

got an extra hour. ^____________^

i sang from 11 to 3 something.
then they finally got tired of my screaming and stopped the songs.

天空by蔡依琳was my last song.

i sang all those songs that needs voice,
not cuteness.

can't sing cute songs.

except 单眼皮by 杨丞琳.

that's the only song that i can act cute. 
the so called rap part
a song which i didn't sing juz now. 
i needed to scream.

went to carrefour and got 2 bottles of storm.
(the advert didn't even pronounced carrefour right.
it's car-foo-rh. they should fire the person for mis-pronouncing the name of the company)

drank 1 bottle on my walk back to college.

i took the long way home.

got down in front of 1st college, passed the padang varsiti,
DTC, science fac and finally got home.

stopped at science fac's toilet to rest.
it was very hot.
and with the alcohol...
didn't make it better.

was wishing that mouse would be playing bball when i came back.

but i half expected it to not come true too.
and it didn't.

dunno if i should give a birthday present.

didn't give to the others.
except foong,
and it was shared.

planning on hand making one.

but then wat?

why can't the freaking bottle of storm make me drunk?
maybe i should drink up the other bottle too.

not enough.

i enjoyed my day out with me, myself and i.
enjoyed my walk,
my drink.
i know no1 would do this with me.
even if they did, they wouldn't enjoy it as much as me.
i never found any friends who are juz like me.
or at least act like me.
my current friends would think that i'm juz crazy.

to me, the connotative meaning of crazy
is sitting there trying to trick myself to study and have a brain full of knowledge,
so that we can spill it all during the exams.

ah, the pathetic problem with malaysian education system.
study to face exams.

not useful at all.
unless u take the initiative to learn more.

or it's ur chosen subject.

hope ya'll enjoyed sitting in front of the lappy or books studying ur asses off too.
*evil laugh*

phrase of the post:
je suis seule dans ce monde qui est plein d'amis. 
(je s-wii se-ll don se monde qii a[like how we pronounce the alphabet] pl-aa-n d'aa-miii)
i'm alone in this world that's full of friends.

quoting from "ghost of girlfriend past"
it's me against the world.

that's not my tummy by the way
it's my shirt flowing in the wind.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ AuRevoir~

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