Thursday, 29 April 2010

floor defender!!!

ok, exaggerated.

i witnessed a monkey trying to get into our floor and try and mess it up again as i finished collecting my clothes.

the monkey was really brave. 
or, other words,

they're not afraid of humans anymore.
i stood there, face to face with the monkey
and i saw it try and open the door.

so i held tight to the door.
the monkey apparently wasn't happy.

it gave me the stare and kinda showed it's teeth to threaten me.
ya sure,
like that's gonna scare me.
then it tried to open the door again!!!!

well i was still holding on to the door so it still can't open it.
stupid monkey.

this time it was angry.
it hopped nearer to me and opened it's mouth and showed it's teeth
erm.. fangs again.

that's not gonna do any difference.
if it doesn't work once,
it's not gonna work again in 30secs time.

i gave it the stare and i guess mine was more scary.
it juz ran to the stairs and stayed there and hoped that i'll juz go away.
so i juz bolted the door.

sorry monkey.
i know you need to find food to feed your children and all,
but this is NOT the right place.

you'll make all the stupid bitches scream their lungs out again if i let you in.
i think the girls are more annoying than the monkey.

Why the F*** would you stand there and scream at the sight of a monkey?
like screaming would scare them away... ppffttt.....

juz take another route morons!!!

unless the monkey's standing in front of ur door.
then u'll juz have to wait till the monkey runs off.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Do you know that monkey is a bacterial carrier.

  2. how about if you injured by the "notorious" monkey.