Sunday, 25 April 2010

dream destination

there's so many places that i wish i am right now.

anywhere but HERE.
i mean now, in this situation,
with those problems and exams...
this is not where i would dream of getting.

like always,
i would choose to run away.
if it wasn't for the economic crisis in my bank account,
i would juz pack my bags and run away to pangkor,
even if it meant i have to go alone,
but it wouldn't be the same without my babes would it?

i wish we could go back to the past when we were doing the survey for cc trip in pangkor.
missed the bike trip and the last minute decided stay.
missed the hot scorching sun combined with the nice sea breeze.

even though we were tired, we enjoyed it.

look at the colour of the sky and the sea...

i guess the key to enjoying your vacation,
is not where you go,
but who you go with.

dream destination?
a place where the past and future collide
and make present possible.

of course, 
another trip back to Pangkor or Redang with ya'll would be great.
but if we're gonna go to Redang,
we need to act fast.
heard selina said that it's gonna become a very expensive place to visit.

CC trip wasn't as fun as the survey trip.
when we have reaponsibility,
a vacation could never be fun.

wished you were there, voon, susan, pei yee, ee and ming.

can we go on another trip together before we graduate and go our own ways?

leave some footprints in our memories.

been following Project alpha.
ya'll can find out what it is and the other videos.

i've attached a link on the right side of my blog.

phrase of the post:
je voudrais des vacances!! (pronounced je voo-d-ray day vaa-con-ss) 
i want some holidays!!!

that's what J_Fish want's to say~ Au Revoir~

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