Friday, 23 April 2010


another song i found in youtube,
my newest best friend,
who's always there for me.
(unless there's problem with the internet connection.)

first thing i woke up this morning,
surf youtube. FML. XD

went through like almost all Jolin's old songs' MVs.
then i have no idea how 
i managed to link link link till i saw this.

i think 小鬼 is juz an avarage singer
but i love the song.
and he's cute. 

so, enjoy.


and Jolin

the song's .

我恨我愛你 by 張惠妹 (hate that i love u? XD)

that's what J_Fish has to share~ Au Revoir~

je ne veux pas vivre seule.(pronounced je ne ve pa viv-rrh se[like selina]-u[hard to explain... like urchin]-ll= i dun wanna leave alone

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