Thursday, 8 April 2010

the big 100

YAY!!! it's my 100th post!!!

i wanna thank my mom, my dad, my friends and my blog readers (who are also my friends)

abandoned my blog for 3 days!!! 
that's alot, since i've been updating everyday since.... i forgot when.

i juz wanna leave my confession as the first post people see for a few days.

i should juz make it a link on my sidebar.

then i wanna thank Nuffnang. 
remember the fake date post i posted which alot of you got conned?
i won tickets for the post. XD...
it's for the screening of the movie "Date Night".

i'm supposed to bring a date.
but since i can't think of a suitable person who can be considered a date,
i asked voon instead. XD

no, i'm not going to ask mouse if that's what you're thinking.
if i had the guts to ask him out on a date,
i would have the guts to confess to him,
instead of doing it in my blog.

i'm so lazy to upload my MAB photos...
my phone's memory card died. 

ok, time to update on what i've done these few days.

first, tuesday. (i forgot what happened monday.)
it was cc's annual meeting, a.k.a 
getting rid of responsible day!!!
it took very long.

some people are juz plain stupid and childish.

i'm glad that a lot of people who were leaving stayed when i announced the cc awards.

after everything, (meeting ended at 12 something A.M.)
i had to continue writing my 4000 word project paper.
i didn't manage to get 4000 anyway.

then there was wednesday.
it was a 'fun' day.
coz tuesday juz sucked.
though i had to finish 2 assignments,
it was totally a breeze compare to the hellish 4000 words.

then there was today.
today was the best day of the week.

i went to class for revision,
tried to finish the group assignment.
i finished my part already.
my other group mate forgot to bring hers.
but it's ok. since the last day is tomorrow.

then modified my research paper,
handed it in,
got an invitation by antoon to attend his conflict class,
went to ss2's RHB to fix my ATM card.
i can withdraw money!!
but i don't have money to withdraw.

got A&W on my way home.
forgot when was the last time i had A&W...
but it was good.

now i am totally free. 
until exam week comes along...

it's raining..
i finally can play basketball and it's raining...

phrase of the post:
il pleuvait (pronounced ill pl-er-v-ay) = it's raining. / it was raining.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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