Saturday, 3 April 2010

april? fool?

i've been getting comment about my soon-to-happen confession

which is going to take place in my blog. 

people didn't seem to get the idea that the confession's gonna be in my blog.

i don't think i have the guts to say it straight to his face.

how should i say it?

hey ****, i really like you. (so straight forward?)

hey ****, i've been in love with you since i dunno how long ago. (he's gonna run!)

hey ****, i think i like you a lot, but i dun wanna be your girl. (then why the heck did you tell me?)

hey ****, you're so my mr. right. (so?)
hey ****, we have so much in common. have you ever noticed? (no. i can't see short girls)

hey ****, i love to watch you play ball. very yeng. (not really a confession right?)

hey ****, i wanna have kids that look like you. (really that desperate?)

hey ****, let's go out for a date some day. (you call that a confession?)

hey ****, i notice that you've been staring at me sometimes. what do you think about me?
(erm... you have something between your teeth)

hey ****, let's become a thing. (WTH)...

no idea how should i say it face to face.
never really confessed to a person before. 
ok, there's 1. 
juz 1.

that' was through sms. 
so it's diff.
i can't say anything like that face to face.
not even guys can do that.

no all....


the real confession will be in 3 days time.


and i was serious about the i like him a lot but i dun wanna be his gf thing.

didn't get fooled by the way. 
unless u call the msg from lii inn a prank.

phrase of the post:
une journeé normale (pronounced e[like how we call the alphabet]-oo-n joo-r-nay norm-aa-l
= a normal day
that' wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir

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  1. Just do whatever you like. Don regret later after you grad...