Saturday, 17 April 2010

another one of those dreams

yup, back again bout dreams.
(read this if interested bout the previous dream entry)

the night before yesternight,
i dreamed of mouse.

it wasn't anything sweet,
not a date or a chat.
it was juz a dream with him in it,
and it's enough to make me not wanna wake up.

yesternight i dreamt that i was in an amusement park.
something like genting theme park,
but way cooler.

it has this very cool ride that i got on.
it went through the whole park
went very high up, 
with nothing under the rails.
we were practically flying.
in a roller coaster.
and at the end of the ride, we didn't go back to the start.
we ended somewhere in the middle of the sea.
with something like a giant table, 
only for us to cling on.
we kinda got swung off the roller coaster in the end.
it's supposed to do that i guess.

guess this is what i want in real life.
i dun believe that dreams mean the opposite of real life.
my mom says that if i dream that i get chased by a snake,
it means someone's seeing me, 
and he's on the move.
the thing is,
i get those dreams very often,
but see where i am.

i dun remember killing those snakes in the dreams....

i think dreams are what we want to happen in real life,
in a way it's the opposite of real life too.
it's what we can't, or haven't get in real life.

i guess i wished that i have more chances 
to live life on the wild side.
take a roller coaster ride life once in awhile.
and not end at the starting point in the end.

everything is so routine here.

the same faces,
the same food,
the same places,
the same life.

yes, susan, 
i am sick,
sick of this life.

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  1. Quite interesting to read your blog.If you imagined yourself to be carried by a roller coaster which fly without the rails, you can consider the hot ballon. Although it is not as challenging as roller coaster, you can watch milliion of lives down stair with a stable sight. And the most important thing is "it is possible"