Wednesday, 3 March 2010

why 80?

there's this 80% attendance rule here. 

80% of attendance so that you can sit for exams.
if you're absent for more than so many times, 

come back next sem/year.

i'm not sure if it's in other unis, but i seriously think that it's a silly thing.


1. some ppl go and sign the attendance then they just run off

2. some ppl don't even go and sign. they ask others to do it

3. it's not fair for those who really went

4. a whole lot of ppl go to class just for the attendance

5. those ppl disturb others who WANT to listen to the lecturers
    - they talk, whisper, pak tor, do weird stuff.. etc

6. there is no direct connection between going to class and scoring in exams
    - some smart asses can score just by reading the notes.
    - some lects do posts the notes online.

7. we're old enough to know what is important
    - if we're not wise enough to choose it just means we don't care what turns out on the result slip.

8. not everyone sees a doctor when they're sick
    - some ppl *ahem* just have low blood pressure, making it hard to get up for early morning classes.
    - some ppl might just not feel well during a perticular time period and is better after resting.
    - some ppl are lazy to walk to 12th college even if they're sick
    - some ppl are lazy to walk to somewhere we can get on a bus
    - some ppl juz dun like waiting (the bus, the van, the ever continuing queue) when they're sick. they'd rather stay in bed and have enough rest.
    - they don't accept MC from private clinics... WHY?! 


9 is left blank so that you can put in your won excuse.

so there you have it. 8 (or 9) reasons why the 80% rule is stupid. 

i want feedback ppl!

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