Saturday, 27 March 2010

what?! the bimbo is (also) a (perverted) stalker?! confession 3

yes ladies and gentlemen,
i am now officially a stalker.


i juz found that out myself.
i'm such a pervert/bimbo/stalker.

i was (unconsciously) stalking my ex's gf.

FMFL... again.
i have no idea why i'm doing this.
closure? with my ex's gf instead of him?


ok, i tried closure with him,
but it didn't work out.
(read first post of the blog for more info)
[ok, there's not much info, but it's proof that i've confronted him.]
why the heck did i approved him in fb anyway?!

i found her blog and i'm following it.
even dropped a message (or two) in her chatbox.
i don't want her to know i'm his ex though.
(am i trying to be her friend?!)

saw her post some sad stuff in my ex's fb page,
dunno if they've split or she's juz doing it for fun.

her status is single by the way.
my ex's is married. 

i dunno about statuses. 
i dun think i will change it in the future when i'm in a relationship.
unless my bf terasa..

stalker babe i am.
what if she finds out that i'm... me..
then she tells my ex?
(assuming they're still together)
he'll think that i'm some creepy weirdo that he wished he never dated.

oh well. 
who cared what the heck he thinks.
it's my blog and i'll... stalk if i want to 

and babes,
i'm finally gonna come clean.
i've decided to take a photo (or several more)
with mouse during MAB,
and post it here.
[my slogan for this blog is where i stop pretending]
(for those who have no idea who mouse really is,
you'll find out very soon)

i dun want anything to happen, seriously.
but atleast i've said it.
like ya'll said,
life is short,
do what you want NOW!!

i'm not gonna do it NOW,
but soon.

MAB is a week away,
so pray that i can take nice pictures with him.

that's what J_Fish has to confess~ Au Revoir~
p.s. phrase of the post:
bonne chance (pronounced bon- sh-on-s)= good luck!


  1. YOHOO~~ GO AHEAD~~!!

    i support u ^^

    for ur info, i took pic wit ah zau immediately after dayao'09 *shy* =b

    no matter hw, it as ur life^^

  2. always supports~~ ^^

    *correction : no matter hw,it 'is' ur life


  3. ayo... nvm grammar problems...