Tuesday, 2 March 2010

we are the champions

i know i know,

another new post?!

hey, it just came to my mind.

if i don't blog it i'll forget it forever!

then i'll have nothing to blog about in half a day's time~!
how terrible will that be!

back to the topic.

YES, we.

if you are a university student.

i think we are the champions of hectic lives.

let's face it.

the people who've graduated say that it's the nicest part of life.

i think so too.

but i think working life is a lot less hectic compared to ours.

for example,

if you are the normal office worker, 

not the bring-your-job-home type,

you surely have more free time than we do.

1. we have to go to classes

2. after classes we have homework

3. then we have a never ending stream of assignments AND tests

4. we have really slow internet connection which make finishing assignments hard

5. then we have posts that we hold in clubs

6. then we have activities that we're either forced to or volunteerily join
in which we hold posts 
in which we have more work to do

7. then we have to help friends with their activities

8. and last but VERY IMPORTANT,

we have facebook addiction. 

well, a whole lot of us.

and if we flunk we have to go through that all over again!! 

that's why we should NEVER fail!

no matter how bimbo-ish you are.

and another thing is, we don't get paid!!!

ok, most of us still live with our parents,

but hey... erm.....

the bottom line is, we don't get paid!!

if you are the normal-don't-bring-home-your-work OL or OM,

after work everything ends....

.... right?

end of that post.

change topic.

i'm becoming such a narcissist.

i guess that's because i once saw a book,

(yes, saw. i didn't read it)
the title is "being a narcissist is better than having low self esteem"
in mandarin, 自恋总比自卑好。

yes, i agree.

if the people around you can't give you enough love,

simply love urself more!

go shopping with yourself,

sing k with yourself,

do what make u happy by urself~

it sounds sad,

but that's the ugly truth.

why wait for people to love you when you can love urself best?

that's what J_fish thinks~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i've decided to share french words with ya'll.

word of the post~

c'est la vie= this is life.

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  1. If you don't even love yourself, how you gonna love other poeple... I used to shopping my own especially when I went to bookstore.