Tuesday, 9 March 2010

time for a good slapping

today i woke up and felt a lot better.

i guess crying does help with releasing stress.

so today,

i wrote out a list of things that i screwed up,

and i'm gonna fix them. (fac stuff)

no matter how long it takes.

i'm gonna face my problems that i've caused.
it's time to slap myself so that i wake up and smell the fresh air.

i think i should learn from the bimbo side of me.

they we are always happy coz we're too stupid to see problems.

happy go lucky is the best phrase to describe bimbos.

see, there's always something to learn from, even bimbos.

today's dance practice (well, techly it's yesterday) was super fun.

i got praised by the coach twice!!

dun wanna mention the times that i got compared for as the bad example. *ahem*

and we get to hunch! 

voon and me were so happy. 

i didn't notice time passing,

and before i knew it,

it was 12.

our coach had to go.

but i still felt like continuing the practice.

i sent her to KL gate in Kenny's car.

not hard to drive at all. still love manual car.

after that went to sahur.

looking forward to tomorrow's practice. 
we're gonna dance with a "qi pao" or "cheongsam" that look like this

master's gonna get a heart attack if he see's this.

maybe these are better.

the first one we can keep it for M.A.B (malam anugerah bestari)

prom of 4th college.

sure will get best dress.

mondays are not that tough after all.

phrase of the post:

comme ci comme ça (pronounced kom-si-kom-sa)

it means: like that lo. literally meaning like this like that.

sentence: how was ur day? answer: comme ci comme ça.

that's the day of J_fish~ Au revoir~

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