Friday, 12 March 2010

story of a girl

this is the story of a girl.
some people say that she's pretty,
but her coldness makes people hinder her.

they'll never know that under her skin,
there lies no soul.
she's a living dead.

the girl lived once.
when she was younger and friends were more precious than gold.

she fell in love with her best friend.
and that was the day her spirit bought the knife that killed her soul.
they were secretly a couple,
when she knew that her friend was with someone else.
only another friend knew about it.
one fine day,
her other half/best friend decided to spread rumours and gossip about her.
the friend never told her what she did wrong.
her friend succeeded with her plan to make people hinder her.
since she didn't have many friends,
she was alone for a quarter of a year.

She died,
the day her friend sold her soul to the devil.

the girl's body lived through the 3 months
and she was revived.
she found love on the face of earth,
a place 
where she thought was merely for her body to pass through meaningless days until it is time for her to go.
love resurrected her.
again, she lived.

and she died, again,
when her heart got stabbed by those few unkind words that her love spoke.
"i don't love you anymore".

again, she lived a dead life.
she turned cold.
her heart was never the same again.
it was frozen by the unkindness her little world has shown her.
she never trusted anyone after that.

it took her two years to unfreeze a puny of the block of ice in her ribcage.
she lived again, but her heart was still held captive by the ice queen.
she loved, again,
and she was loved,
but they were never together.
she was afraid.
her fragile heart could not stand another blast.

she acted strong but her heart's condition was reflected in her eyes.
she didn't talk much,
hence, no new friends.

when she finally left that sad, sad place,
she found love, again,
but not in boys,
but with great friends.
they melted her heart,
and yes, she lived a happy life.

everything was so lovely and wonderful.
but she was still cold.
she wanted people to feel how she feels,
so she tells people what she think.

without knowing,
her friend took a huge part of her heart,
and left it in the fridge.
she didn't die this time,
but it was obvious that she is not whole anymore.
she finally turned her feelings into words, 
and the words talked to her friend.

her friend gave her heart back.
they were friends like before.
she never expected that those days would one day end tragically.

after some time,
the same thing happens again.
the girl felt lonely.
she didn't want to talk to her friends about this again.
she expects that her friends would have remembered how her heart was refroze.
but she was wrong.
she threw in hints,
but they did not seem to get through.
she was still lonely.

she wants to think that her friends do love her,
but she can never know,
for they show no obvious gestures.
they do not know 
that she's just a simple girl who needs people to listen to her.
she missed her friends even though they live close by,
and she cries silently now and then, 
only with the moon hears her sobbing.

friends were more than precious to her,
they are the pillars of her fragile soul,
she needed them.
she doesn't know what she meant to them,
probably just another friend in another phase of their lives.

she hated the feeling
but she can't control how people think.
she thinks that there is no longer love in this place called home.
she wonders how many people would actually miss her when she's gone.

she decided to finish this misery of not knowing,
but she never get to know the answer,
because she's in a better place now,
where no friends have fridges, 
and the snow queen is just another mysterious name for a woman.
a place where everyone lives, 
no bodies without souls.

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