Monday, 8 March 2010

something to say awwwww for...

happy 21st birthday MY!!

sorry i missed your close friends only party.
i wanted to be there badly,

but i was just like i am, 

cursed personally by lucifer himself.

we were there ALREADY!!

and we had to take the wrong turn and ended up in the next side of town...

with heavy rain and two ppl who don't know the way.
again, my freaking ego ruins the day.

should've checked the directions properly.

i was so sad after being lost for so long

and even sadder when i decided that i don't wanna go anymore.

i don't feel hungry anymore.

the party was so awwww... so many ppl came.

and they were sincerely there for her.

not to mention the present. 

nothing like that ever happens to me. *frowns*

(thinking back to last birthday) 

i was so loved by the ppl i had to wait for them to start celebrating my own birthday.

it was like i (or my friends) begged them to come down and celebrate with me.
pathetic shit.
21st birthday.


why why why...

i think i have 

dun-b-nice-to-me labeled somewhere.

i don't treat ppl like shit by the way,

unless you do something really hateful like Vincent Lim did.

what's with romantic-ness and me...

even small things would do.

i'm an easy-awwww person but i never get the chance to do it for myself.

i always go like

awwww... he/she/they did that for you?~

you're gonna do that for him/her?~ that's so sweet...
what happened to awwww.... you did that for me?~

is it cozppl think that i don't appreciate them?

can i make a wish for my next birthday already?

i don't want fancy stuff.

just a party with ppl who really REALLY care for me.

something romantic thrown in would b great(er) *winks*

that's what J_fish wants to crap about~ Au Revoir~
p.s. did you know that the jelly fishes' mouth is also the anus?

phrase of the post:

joyeux anniversaire (pronounced jua-yer-a(like atau)-ni-ver-s-air)= happy birthday!

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