Saturday, 6 March 2010

saturday and guilt

it's saturday again.

i went out yesterday with jason after the post.

we went to petaling street to get some stuff 

for the chinese traditional dance competition.

(i'm an amateur traditional dancer too. *gasps*)

the shop was closed when we got there.

so we went to the alley nearby and had a long missed bowl of 

beef koey teow~~ *yum*

went to central market to try and find selina's present.

what the heck can i get for this girl?!

then since i dun wanna go back to the lonely room so soon,

we went to KLCC.

shopped around, again, trying very hard

to find something that we can give her.
we even went to the extent of wanting to buy her

tiaras and feathery pens. 

(say thank you we didn't.)

while we were on our way to the lrt station,

i saw a blogger whose blog i read.

damn disappointed.

she's not as pretty as she is in her photos.

i'm sure it's her.

she was with her sister.

damn faker.

our last station was midvalley.
went to buy the bag that i saw the day before.

can't get it outta my head.

juz had to have it. and voila~

finished painting the gimik for PKB.

finally, at 3.30 in the morning.

she looks ugly. 

like Janet Jackson with her brother's nose.

went out today with my sister.

totally didn't expected it.

her bf called coz she was driving.

she wanted to get her blouse back.
said she was going to ikano and asked if i wanna go.

by that time, 

i kinda just woke up.

haven't did nothing.

she was at KL gate already!

so i rushed to take my bath and went out without any makeup what so ever.

of course i brought my tools.

finished it in the car coz there was a little jam.

went shopping in ikea for her bf's new room.

very bored.
was sms-ing all the while.

still tried to find something for a present. failed.

then we finished and went shoe shopping for awhile,

then, sakae sushi!! 

went to the flea market to find the present,

but got myself a bangle thing instead. FML.

i was feeling quite down for these few days.

was going to watch a very sloppy chick flick in my lonely room

with the lights off and everything,
you know, 

indulge in my own sadness.

but then,

out of nowhere, a thought struck me.

i remembered someone still loves me.

not the friendship love but the real love love.

and it made me feel better.

though we'll never make it,

and i haven't really thank you for telling me

(i know it needs alot of courage)

i just wanna say

(you know which kind of love)

merci beaucoup!!

ok, back to indulging myself in a sloppy chick flick 

before i drag myself down for the dance practice later..

that's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~~

p.s. phrase of the post. 

merci beaucoup (pronounced m-air-si bo-ku)= thanks alot.

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