Sunday, 21 March 2010

oh so vain.. outbreak of the bimbo (confession 2)

the band of brothers. a.k.a the gate crashers

Amy's family
zoomed in ton the couple... so a bit blurry...
super random.
while waiting for them to finish the tea ceremony.
the menu
the stuff on the table
the door gift(?)
the apples. notice the one at the back looks like it's in the glass. 
the apple, my apple.
the hand bans for the sisters
trying to be artistic. the sticker on the apple says "weng soon and amy. thank you"
one of the (many) chandeliers
the newest couple in town,
Mr. and Mrs. Yee.

last but totally not least,
the vain bimbo.

it's so sad that i've turn her wedding reception into my own super siok sendiri show.
i'm such a pathetic vain bimbo.

at least i did it discreetly.

still love my not so straight hair btw.

dress - RM109 (forgot the name of the shop, but it's on the first floor of tropicana city mall)
shoes - RM99 from CARLO RINO
Pullover - RM50 from SODA
Hair Curler - RM89 from Philips
Cosmetics - RM ???? from brands that range from Maybeline to Bobbi Brown.

the perfectness of everything combined,


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

 phrase of the post:
la vanité, c'est moi(pronounced la va-ni-teh, say mua)= i am vanity
literal translate: the vanity, it's me

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