Thursday, 4 March 2010

new shoes, bad luck and everything in between

skipped class today.

i guess i just postponed last week plan to today,

though it seriously wasn't planned for today.

i just couldn't find a place to print my assignment

that i have to pass up today.

so my lazy and evil bone keep whispering to me

"skip the darn class, skip the darn class"

and since the good angle is always the weak one,

i listen to him.

so off i went.

to midvalley without telling anyone prior.

not even myself.

without any makeup. *gasps*

made a note to put some makeup on wherever i go.

went to buy shoes and stuff for mab.

i utilised my right as a consumer by using all the (good) makeup testers that i can find.

stood at the carrefour makeup counter then when the guard stared at me,

i moved to the pharmacy next to Manhattan FM.

walked around for the whole day

and finally found a pair of shoes that's perfect for me.

(the others were either out of size or out of budget)

4 inch black wedges!!  from Carlo Rino.

they're shoes are not so nice after i bought the last pair from them.

this pair is darn plain and normal,

and expensive.

i have no idea why i suddenly bought it.

it was like the sales girl put a spell on me.

but at least i liked it. ALOT.

maybe my feet were the ones who put the spell.

they refuse to walk around anymore.

after i walk out the door of the shop with the over sized bag in my hands,

i was like: what? i bought it already?!

bought a tube top.

finally bought a hair dryer too.

the sales girl wasn't nice.

when i wanted to pay,

i almost used 2 RM50 notes to pay

then i remembered that i have RM10 notes

so i used them instead.

i regret making that decision.

coz when i went and almost bought selina's brithday present

(frankly asked her what she wanted and she frankly replied she didn't want anything)
(but i decided to buy something anyway)

i found out that the RM50 note was GONE!!


the best guess is i dropped it somewhere when i was pulling something else from my pocket.

Darn! should've spent that stupid money!

that's what J_fish has to cry about~ Au Revoir~

p.s. my phone's broken... i'm in love with SE Elm which is still "coming soon"

hope it's "coming very very soon"

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