Saturday, 27 March 2010

MY Date Night~~

i've never actually been on a real date night before..

wait a minute,

i've never really been on a (romantic) date!
how sad is that...

voon says that she's gonna put up a facebook page called
"date sher lynn and selina"
or something like that.


i guess when people hear "dates"
first thing comes to mind is "chic restaurant".
that's what i think people would think anyway.

for me, nope.
they're boring.
and expensive of course.
unless my date's born with a silver spoon up his you-know-where
chic restaurants are so oh-oh-no.....
one fine b-e-a-u-tiful sunny day, when we were having lunch together,
mouse asked me to go watch a basketball match together.
sounds impossible,
but lo and behold...

i said yes, of course.
i have loads of assignments screaming my name,
but a match with him is more than anything.
i choose to forget about all those screams and run away,
just for one night.
(ok, i do that very often, but that's not the point)

i have no idea how to dress..
to impress? or juz be myself?
it's juz a ball game anyway,
but then,
it's a date~~

i threw on my best looking tee and jeans in the end.
curled my hair a little.
sprayed on some of my raspberry eau-de-toilette
and hoped that he likes sweet stuff.
(super sweet smelling)

met him in our basketball court.

he was on his bike,
looking jaw-droppingly attractive as usual.
he handed me the helmet and i put it on.
there goes my pony tail and curls...
(why didn't i though bout that in the first place...)
his bike was higher than i imagined.

when i was ready,
we rode off into the sunset.
(yea yea... it's my blog so i get to dream a little).
the place wasn't far,

we sat somewhere in the middle of the rows of chairs.
then i started wondering why malaysian stadiums 
dun have those kiss cam thingies...
you know, those like in 
"how to loose a guy in 10days" and "the ugly truth".
maybe the game would get more interesting if there were. 

talked bout the game and he asked me bout me-stuff too.
(whenever they stopped playing)
suddenly hoped that they call for more time-outs.

enjoyed the game to the max of course!!
he sent me back right after the game.
nothing happened if you're wondering.
i got off his bike (reluctantly) 
and smiled and say, see ya tomorrow.
he smiled back and voila, the end.
how often do i get asked out by a cute guy that i can't get my mind off?!

that was it.
no fancy restaurants or fancy cars (fancy bike though),
no accidentally grabbing the pop-corn at the same time scenes,
no long walks, no sweet talking.
juz a simple ball game.

that's good enough to qualify as my best date night ever.
2 loves of mine (basketball and him) at the same place at the same time.

ooooohhhh... it only all the above were true...

can i not wake up?

can't wait to watch Date Night.

saw the trailer and was hooked.
i dunno how to post the trailer here...

muz watch!!
it's not another chic flick i tell you.
I think it's gonna be fun.

but then, i only have RM20 left...
somebody save me..

word of the post:
eau de toilette (pronounced o the tua-let) = perfume. 
the diff btn this and eau de parfum (pronounced o the par-farn[soft r+n]) is that eau de parfum lasts longer. it's more concentrated than eau de toilette.

that's what J_fish has to dream~ Au Revoir~


  1. i really thought the date was real!!!!!!!! it sounded very dare u make me feel happy for u and den get disappointed in the end...cehh....
    haha..anyway...was it a dream??

  2. hahahaha..... i would've told ya'll if it was true. even if it's a drem iw ould wake up smiling. XD if only it happened... >___________<... Gambateh together la.

  3. yes babe.. XD it's an entry for a contest i've joined. i have a chance of winning 2 tickets.... but then, i dunno who to bring if i really do win. --_________________--lll

  4. okay..but it sounds so true..
    maybe not a over-fancy-imagination gua..simple is happiness,wohoo~~
    hmm,maybe the one who sent u hate mail?lol..(sum1 gonna kill me,better run~~)

    (**screaming this while running)
    wish u goooooooooooooood lucks then ^^

  5. yes u better run. and stay there. dun think u're in johor i won't b able to harm u.. i have spies EVERYWHERE!!! Muahahahahaha...

  6. so,now,every1 knows y i wanna run till jp dat far ad ya? it's bimbo's fault,wee~~ =b