Tuesday, 30 March 2010


i guess today's meet-mouse-during-meal-time day.

i met him during dinner too~!!

that hasn't happen since....

the sem before last sem?!

 if i went for breakfast today i might actually meet him too.

didn't really talked to him.
juz a few words here and there.
talked to his roomie more, as usual.

finally finished tallying the votes for our CC's (chinese community)
"prize giving day" (?)
no idea what to call it.

turns out that i'm quite ss, sexy and cool(at the same time) in people's eyes.
i'm as sexy as susan!! XD.. that kinda rhymes.

never thought i'd get the sexy thing. i'm cute ok....
though it's faked....



people who dunno me would think so.

i guess.

i juz look cool.
i have a super warm heart!!
don't listen to them!!!

short post.
juz wanna say how lucky i am today. ^______________^

that's wat J_fish want to say~ Au Revoir~
je suis mignone!! >__________<
(pronounced je sui[like anna sui] min-yawn)= i'm cute!!

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