Tuesday, 30 March 2010

love is in the air~~

love is definitely in the air.

i've failed to remember to say congrats in my previous posts
to foong and shiah, 
and of course chi yee.
*confetti falling from... wherever*

people getting married,
getting together,
getting hugs and kisses *winks to u-know-i'm-talking-bout-u*

no sad stories.
hopefully none.

well there's kinda one,
i mentioned that i was stalking mt ex's present (gf).
i think they broke up.
but now they're back together again.



so that's the end. 

(secretly hoping something's gonna happen on my part of the story)

can't wait for M.A.B.

the nth time i've said that.

i guess i'm excited about the dressing up part.
i saw mouse during lunch juz now.
usually he doesn't come back for lunch during Tuesdays.
and how do i know that?

the stalker me told me.

but then,
he was directly opposite me.
not on the same table,
but i can see him clearly.

like always,
we were exchanging glances.
i dunno if it's coz 

i was stealing glances and he noticed and did the same thing.
(it happens a lot with other ppl)
[u think someone's looking at u so u look back to see if that person's looking]

he was checking me out too.

(definitely hope it's the second. *LOL*)

it happens alot.
me seeing him looking at me.



so i guess he noticed my curly hair today.

i was juz bored and i found a new way to curl my hair.

ok. ya'll dun wanna hear about that.

saw a lot of videos about how make up can make d eyes look 2 times bigger.
before and after.
you wouldn't think that they're the same person.

maybe i should try that one day.
see how big the difference is.
that aside.

can't wait to watch how to train your dragon
and clash of the titans. >____________<

who wants to watch them too hands up!!
ok. can't see hands.

so who wants to go leave a msg. 

we shall watch it during study week.

that's wat J_Fish has to babble about~ Au Revoir~

p.s. phrase of the post: (which i accidentally turned into "post of the day" in the last post)
je serait très heureuse si tu m'aime aussi.
(pronounced je sir-a[like how we pronounce the alphabet] tray er-us[like "we" us] si too m-am o-si)
= i would be very happy if u love me too

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